Ralston Foods: Feel Good About Breakfest. Feel Good About Everyday

Ralston Foods is proud to bring a variety of quality nutritious cereals to the breakfast table.

  • Provides Vitamins & Minerals
    Low Fat or Fat Free
    Smart for Your Health
    Cholesterol Free Food
  • Good or Excellent Source of Iron
    Good or Excellent Source of Calcium
    Good or Excellent Source of Folic Acid

Ralston Foods WIC eligible products include:

  • Corn Flakes
    Creamy Wheat Farina
    Crispy Hex
    Crispy Rice
    Wheat Bran Flakes
    Rice Biscuits
    Wheat Biscuits
    Oats & More with Almonds®
    Oats & More with Honey®
  • Essentially You®
    Frosted Shredded Wheat
    Strawberry Frosted Shredded Wheat
    Oat Wise®
    Nutty Nuggets
    Whole Grain 100®
    Regular Flavor Instant Oatmeal
    Corn Biscuits
Meets 51% Whole Grain Requirement

WIC Benefits the Retailer and Consumer!

  • Retailer:
    40 states have approved Ralston Foods supplied private brand cereals
    States are becoming more interested in private brands to save money & serve more participants
    WIC approvals add sales & generate store traffic
    18 Ralston Foods supplied store brand cereals meet federal standards for WIC approval
  • Consumer:
    Approximately 9 million participants get 36 oz. of cereal each month
    Other WIC eligible categories are:
    • Eggs
      Peanut Butter
      Dried Beans
    • Juice
      Infant Formula
      Tuna & Carrots
      Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Retailer Partnership

  • Ralston Foods aggressively seeks WIC approvals and supports qualifying products by:
    Requesting approval of State WIC Directors
    Promoting at National WIC Directors & WIC Nutritionist Conferences
    Promoting at select State WIC Conferences
    Providing a dedicated WIC Coordinator
  • Retailer Action Requested:
    Authorize all 18 Ralston Foods WIC eligible cereals
    Become an authorized WIC vendor
    Lobby for state approval for your particular brand

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